If all your friends are women,
You see every nail as painted.
Every empty hand as lonely.
Every drink a chance to flush the word No from my kidneys.
Wide-eyed and twitching for victims,
Your altruism rattles the door of my bathroom stall.

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  1. Marian Says:

    indeed! so true. i lurve this one.

  2. Joy S Grape Says:

    WOOO! Marian rules!!!

  3. Jan Freundschuh Says:

    This is really dramatic, true, and interesting.

  4. Joy S Grape Says:


  5. Jan Freundschuh Says:

    Loved the first 4 lines. The last two left me puzzled, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. Wonderful poem.

  6. Joy S Grape Says:

    Hmm I guess they were meant to imply an irrational sense of panic in response to a calculated but misplaced act of benevolence? I don’t know what I’m writing about Jan, you know that already.

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