Friend, awaken. Chopin has taken
Your darkest fears with his iron fist and left you here.
A harmless fool using his piano to impress pink-ribboned girls now dead,
But soon after you turn 30, he breaks and enters.
You’ll find him in your study spinning on a swivel chair
Showing you the bad patch job between how you feel and how you should feel.
Music that went in one ear and out the other
Will dig ravines in your brain,
Refold proteins,
Build from blueprints you can’t read.
The god of Job turned the trick for Bach but left me Beethovendeaf.
If you are loved by something that uses words,
It may not hear you, but at least you can talk.
If you are loved by a wordless force,
Describing the smell of it leaves you panicked with ecstasy.
Temples bulging,
Looking for lightning storms.
Wishing there were a word
That would say something
But still be as big
As yes.

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  1. Richard Cody Says:


  2. Cooley Says:

    I love this.

  3. Marian Says:

    yes, big, i think you really accomplished making this as big as it deserves to be.

  4. thecheesewolf Says:

    The idea of a malicious Chopin creeping in after you turn 30 is such a nice one! Ah, yes…

  5. Joy S Grape Says:

    It happened to you too, then?

  6. Jan Freundschuh Says:

    This is a very interesting poem. I like the first part…..but I LOVE the last ten lines, which could almost be its own poem.

  7. Jan Freundschuh Says:

    so interesting….in so many ways…..I’ll be chewing on this one for a while….

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