Joyful poem by my friend Suzanne Vogel.

The first coffee of the day
Is like a sunrise in my heart
A flock of birds flapping ‘cross
The skies in clapping art

Like dribble-drabble fingerpaints
By joyful children new to life
I smile at the reconnect
To this old memory slice

It’s like pitter-patter raindrops
On a warm new summer day
Excited to bring forth new life
As puddle-rainbows say…

As I bring up to my lips
The hot and burnt-sweet mug
I kiss a “hello” to the day
And bless this gentle legal drug

It fast brings contrast to the night
It quickly opens up the day
Like seeing a blossom unfold
In fast-forward video play

Thank you, coffee farmers
In equatorial spots worldwide
Whether Monday, Humpday, Friday
Your beans help to make days bright