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Katrina LeeI stumbled upon a career in web my last year of college when I took an intriguing sounding course titled "Web Design and Development". Little did I know…I was about to fall in love.

Whether it's because I like to organize everything, understand that there's a great big picture and that the little bitty details determine if it all works, or just because I get a happy tickle every time I type a hexadecimal code and magic happens, the web has become my passion.

For the past 2 ½ years, I've had the privilege to work on a 9k page intranet. It's been both an opportunity and a challenge. I started out as a web producer on a team that functioned as a small web agency for internal clients. After receiving two promotions, I moved into a more strategic role helping set the goals and vision both for the web and internal communications.

Before the web, I worked for several years as a jill-of-all- trades writing and editing for senior managers and designing and creating database applications.

The result? A well-rounded set of professional experiences that span the website lifecycle.

My work experience is tempered by an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Technical Communications. Eventually, the goal is to attend grad school for an IA/UX degree.

There are three philosophies (if you will) that set the tone for each web project I begin:

Creating a great web presence is a holistic process
It's not just about design, the web is business processes and people and content and users and interaction and technology and findability.
You can't use what you can't find*
Helping people find the information they need - and encouraging them to come back for more - requires attention to accessibility, usability, search optimization, compelling design and engaging content. *Ambient Findability, Peter Morville
The experience must be rewarding and memorable
Whether you're working with clients, learning the business or delivering the ultimate user experience; success can be measured by people making return trips.

Most of my work has been completed on or for an intranet, so I can't share as many samples as I might like. Check out some of my favorite (sharable) projects on my portfolio.

I'm delighted to talk about any of these projects at length.

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