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Overview: Plan, Code, Optimize and Measure
Measure and increase findability of websites to grow small business web presence.
Partner with business to:
  • Analyze – Discuss web and communication needs to determine best technical and design solution.
  • Document – Prepare formal proposal and quote for discussed web enhancements.
  • Develop – Provide guidance on writing compelling, keyword rich content. Create semantic, valid web templates focused on clear delineation of content sections and accessible navigation across all pages.
  • Launch – Prepare regular analytics reports with suggestion of ways to grow web presence. Revisit and adjust keywords and content.
Hogans Magnolia View Farm – Increased ranking on relevant search terms by 100% in first month. Site has displayed a 10% average increase in traffic month–over–month during first three months of relaunch.
Code & SEO Examples

Information Architecture

Project: Re-Architect Navigation & Content Templates for Existing Intranet Site
Update existing intranet site that had evolved over a number of years and grown to a 99 page site with no centralized navigation, out–of–date and inconsistent content and required numerous publishers to maintain.
Worked with the business owners through a four step process:
  • Analyze – Perform heuristic site evaluation; analyze traffic patterns, site traffic and search history; and identify content requirements.
  • Document – Document business and communication goals, user needs, resources available, technical requirements and write light weight user personas.
  • Develop – Create deliverables, including site analysis overview, content inventory and guidelines, proposed sitemap, wireframes, and page designs.
  • Implement – Partner with business owners to communicate upcoming changes, update existing content, and launch redesigned site and navigation within 6 weeks.
The final site was scaled from 99 to 35 pages through the creation of persistent global navigation and consistent content templates across all pages. This increased overall site traffic by 17% and streamlined the publishing process by reducing staffing needs to one person.
Sample IA Deliverables
Content InventoryContent Inventory

Processes & Governance

Project: End–to–End Process for the Creation and Governance of New Intranet Sites
Reduce "vanity" sites on corporate intranet, improve overall findability of information and increase team productivity — focus on quality over quantity.
Collaborate with extended intranet team and key stakeholders to:
  • Analyze – Review quarterly traffic patterns and content use on existing sites. Survey content owners to determine high impact content areas.
  • Document – Create criteria matrix to determine placement of new websites on the corporate intranet. Build detailed work-flow diagrams and documentation for each step of the creation of a new site from user request to launch.
  • Develop – Wrote simple, user-friendly processes and policies for new site requests, content owner responsibilities and web audit guidelines.
  • Implement – Update 50 page intranet governance and web standards site to reflect new policies, current web trends and best practices.
There were two outstanding results: One, increased findability and user experience through the reduction of new intranet content (this project in conjunction with a content audit reduced content by 34%). Two, improved team productivity by ~ 40% through reduction in new sites created, documentation of intranet policies and best practices, and increased employee ownership of content.
Sample Project Deliverables
Process DocumentationProcess Documentation
Site Creation CriteriaSite Creation Criteria

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